Rethinking the priorities…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I absolutely love the serenity this image creates.  It soothes my soul and leaves me wanting spring to come quickly.  I am anxious to see the spring weather roll into Tennessee…it gives me so much to take pictures of when everything is blooming.  All the rain gives us spectacular rushing water scenes and fresh green growth. I submitted my first pictures to a stock agency as a contributor and although my images were not accepted….I am thrilled that out of the 10 submissions I had 6 of them approved.  Only 4 images were not accepted and that is an awesome perspective from someone that hasn’t been taking pictures very long at all.  I know I am taking the optimistic approach to the extreme, but I find that to be the better attitude to depressed about it all.  I am considering the odds and I think 6 approved to 4 denied is a pretty good place to be.  I also feel like I learned a lot from the experience.  I am going to start looking at the overall picture size before I post-process the pictures and make sure I keep at least one version of the image without cropping so it remains at least 4mg in size. It apparently is very important in the reproduction aspect of using the pictures.  I also learned a little about the subjectivity of  being accepted to a large micro stock agency.  It made me rethink the reason why I started taking pictures in the first place….it left me with a lot of hmmmm…..not sure at this point if I will try to resubmit, but I am not sad about it either.

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