A narrower view…

Lesson 1: depth of field. In the realm of photography this is perhaps the hardest lesson I have tried to grasp. Call me thick headed! But I just couldn’t get the concept and it has caused me to struggle…until I took this picture and my husband used it to illustrate the band of focus. There is an extremely narrow depth of focus in this picture and the gravel allows you to see it very clearly…thereby clarifying the lesson for me….now I see said the blind man!

If you notice the band of clear focus in the center of the picture, but because the depth of field is extremely narrow the back antennae leaves the plane of focus field. It is a perfect illustration of how to keep your subject aligned within the invisible band of focus…just one more technical thing to think about in the pursuit of great pictures.

My hope is that this picture gives you a quicker way to recognize how important depth of field is for technically sound pictures. Happy shooting!

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