what started as a promise…became a Godsend!

I started my year in 2013 with a promise to be more patient when my husband was teaching me how to use my camera better. I kept my word and in learning to be patient, I became a better  photographer…. one who knows how to make a picture with the tools I have. It has […]

Life After the big “C”

I haven’t posted anything in quite some time….my mind was occupied on cancer treatments and such. Now that all the drama has passed I feel like it is time to continue with life after the big “c” took over.  First all the cancer is gone, and I don’t want to focus on the disease, I […]

Just an update on the new year’s resolution…

It seems I am keeping that resolution, amazing as that sounds….I am holding true to allowing people to help me reach my goals. By people, I of course am referring to my husband! LOL! I have consistently allowed myself to learn the lessons he has been giving me. Every time I ask a question he […]

A narrower view…

Lesson 1: depth of field. In the realm of photography this is perhaps the hardest lesson I have tried to grasp. Call me thick headed! But I just couldn’t get the concept and it has caused me to struggle…until I took this picture and my husband used it to illustrate the band of focus. There […]

Dealing with the Weeds….

Sometimes in life you are dealt weeds.  I know, this requires a little explanation…. I like to think that weeds are a necessary part of life.  They allow us to recognize and fully appreciate the beautiful things in life…beautiful people, beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, beautiful pictures, flowers, nature, etc…  There is a ying and yang […]

Rethinking the priorities…

I absolutely love the serenity this image creates.  It soothes my soul and leaves me wanting spring to come quickly.  I am anxious to see the spring weather roll into Tennessee…it gives me so much to take pictures of when everything is blooming.  All the rain gives us spectacular rushing water scenes and fresh green […]

The In-Between…

  There is an in-between place in life….when you are between two seasons, two decisions, two choices…it tends to be a rather blah place to be.  But there is a reflection on the past and the present you gain while in that place, you will not find this anywhere else in your life, only in […]

The journey…

I am enjoying the new processes I am learning with my camera. It has been a journey of personal development that a year ago I wouldn’t have even admitted needed to happen. I guess with all journeys you sometimes get added value benefits as a side surprise….it may not always be the end result that […]

Reelfoot Lake Photo Trip

We went to Reelfoot Lake in Northwest Tennessee….finally.  We have lived here for almost 22 years and we finally went, I think we started talking about going the first year we were here.  Oh well, it was worth it, as far as noteworthy pics are concerned.  It is located in one of the poorest counties […]

Covered Bridge in Gettysburg…

One of the more beautiful covered bridges I have seen….not that I have seen many.  The setting surrounding this particular bridge has been well preserved since it is in the Gettysburg battlefield.  Everything in and around Gettysburg is well preserved and it will always remain that way since the powers that be in that town […]