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I would like to extend an invite for other photographers or artists of other mediums to become guest bloggers on my site.  Your blog entries can be informative about the artistic process or they can be intimate about your journey as an artist.

No profanity, no sexual content and only authors serious about the arts should send me articles to post on my site….no advertisement posts will be accepted.  Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t shamelessly plug your own blog spot or your website….in fact I encourage it so I can go see what you are doing as well.

So, here is the all call for like minded artists to join together and discuss the processes and feelings that have of us have.  Lets build a community.

All photos posted on this page are works created by me…the artist and my trusty tools. Either my hands or my camera. There is no limit on the type of visual art you contribute to this site. Be the true artist you were meant to be and express yourself.


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