Frozen beauty…

imageThere was a great author that once mused “whose woods are these…”. I don’t know why we are so rushed that we pass by the mundane beauty that surrounds us everyday.  The little things that normally wouldn’t even warrant your attention are the things that grab me and hold me in their grasp.  For they are the little wonders that create the awe in a single moment.  The wonder captured in a small second.  If you pass up the small moments that occupy the minute then you will always be waiting for the wow moment that may never come…but several of those small wonderous moments could make up one huge wow.  Keep searching for your everyday little moments of beauty, someday they will fill your memories with a lot of wow.

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Published by Cindee

Art has always been a part of my life, ever since I can remember I have been creating art. I would make gifts to share with others at Christmas and then I found drawing, or maybe God introduced me to that particular art form, but it was an all consuming thing during my youth. After I had kids, it seemed that art didn't fit into my world in the same way. But the desire was always there and it eventually took over my life again...becoming a need more than a desire. So, photography enters my life. Artists have a unique way of seeing the world, it is their vision that creates the art not the medium they choose to express it in. No two artists will see the same thing in the exact same way. It is the most beautiful form of flattery to have someone see your art and tell you it is beautiful to them. It connects you on such an intimate level. I want to share my creative vision with everyone that wants to look upon it with appreciation.