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I hope this picture actually comes up now. Ok, I finally have the picture in the post and I am trying to get the blog post to read how I want it. I am finding that learning two new computers with two new operating systems and a new mini Ipad and new Ipod are all a little much for me all at one time. I think my new year’s resolution is going to have something to do with being gracious to those who want to help me….I find myself getting angry because I automatically go to thoughts of being inadequate….not anyone’s words but mine. I am trying to take it a step at a time and turn off the bad thoughts….then the things that I already know start to mess up and that throws a monkey wrench into the process….turn off the bad thoughts…this is a resolution that doesn’t take money or anyone’s help so I will check back later and let you know how the progress of turning it off is going. Until the next blog….happy creating.

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It has been awhile…

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I would like to say there is some altruistic reason for my long absence…but in reality it was only life.  I was out living life and enjoying this beautiful world we live in. I have been exploring more rust pictures and I did a series of pics depicting an iconic view of Nashville.  I will post some of the rust pics today and hopefully i will receive a critique or two that will show me a better way. In my exploration of this art form I am hoping to find and display a viewpoint that is seldom seen…and sometimes just your usual everyday items become the ART!

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The tales of a history past~

The Walter Hill Dam in Murfreesboro TN

Sometimes when I look out on the world from behind my lens I see the history.   History past being told in today’s terms.  What no longer is relevant has gone by the wayside.  It makes for a sad tale sometimes.  But I think the history still needs to be recorded in a way that the next generation will remember that without the past there was no future.  So, it may no longer be relevant but the history is what got them here today….a little respect for days gone-by is all that is necessary.  Preserve that which went before us…paving the way for what we know today and giving us our heritage.


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Robin’s Nest

Nest in my backyard




My husband was mowing last weekend and he saw this nest in the nook of one of our large maple trees in the backyard.  Curiosity drove him to put an extension mirror up there to see if there were any inhabitants inside the nest.  To our delight there were unhatched robin’s eggs.  So….the idea formed to take pictures of the eggs prior to hatching and we are hoping to get some of the babies after they have hatched as well.

It is always surprising to me when I see a glimpse into the life of a bird!  I don’t know why it surprises me so much, but it still holds a sort of awe that is inspiring to me.  Birds aren’t all that mysterious, in that we see them flying all the time, but their everyday life cycle is not something we get to see.   I think I am truly blessed to be able to see it and get a picture of it to hold forever… that particular moment in time, suspended.   I think it is just one of the beautiful WOW moments I can call upon to give me joy.   I hope you all enjoy the moment as I have.

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More Photos….

When given a choice I would rather be behind the camera and seeing the world from that viewpoint any day of the year!  I can pick and choose the view, I can distort the reality to be anything I want it to be….I am finding myself through the lens of the camera.  I am not as talented with this as my husband is yet, but I am blessed with a great sense of artistic composition and I can see something beautiful in the oddest of places.

This tree sits on top of a cliff along side a major highway.  I kept looking at it all winter long, thinking that is the loneliest tree I have ever seen, but when I got up there to take the picture I changed my mind…it is the protector of the fields and valleys below.  Ever-watching, a sentinel of sorts….I believe my mother is correct….God lives in the trees!

I hope you enjoy seeing my journey through photography as much as I enjoy taking it.


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Experiments in Photography

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI decided about 2 years ago that I wanted to start drawing again, since this was my main form of artistic expression when I was growing up.  But I soon discovered that although I could still draw, that was an innate trait I believe, I was very rusty at the skills I had honed so well growing up.  I still draw but I have expanded to the world of photography.  I find that I can still use my artistic vision to compose and edit a photograph into a work of art.

I am fascinated with the power of nature and disgusted at the slovenliness of human beings.  Nature seems to grow around, over, under or through anything we throw at her.  She seems to persevere through all adversity and I can relate to that type of strength.

So, I have created a series of pictures that I am pretty proud of…we will call them junkart!  I don’t know how married I am to that name, but it seems appropriate.  I will upload a couple of these pics and you can weigh in on how appropriate the name is…if you have another suggestion I am all ears.



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Sometimes it seems that all I do in this world is fight for a right to take my place, or find a place to fit in…it just doesn’t seem to come natural to me, this art of fitting into the world.


And maybe that is what an artist is supposed to do…skew the fit, change the landscape, view the architecture of life differently!  Maybe the “not fitting in” is part of the life an artist lives.  The pain and the discomfort of always questioning yourself –is the creation of ‘the artist’…and when the questioning is over so then is the art.


I don’t know, but if the artist in me requires there to be discomfort then I say BRING IT ON!  I am defining myself.  It may have taken half a century to do it, but I am taking a stand!  Today I define me, I say I AM an artist!  As I live and breath it shall be the me I put forth into this world and it will be the defining mark I leave behind.

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Well….I guess this means I have entered the world of blogging. I fought it so hard, why? I am not sure! It seems now that I am into the middle of the research to launch this project the art of blogging is right up my alley. Random thought processes shared into the great abyss. Or otherwise known as the internet.

What an exciting time this is….something learned, something new! Wish me luck and come back often to check my progress I will welcome all the diversity I can summon from the abyss.

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